DVD review: “Nurse Jackie” (2009-2015)

“Nurse Jackie” (2009-2015)


Eighty Episodes

Created by: Liz Brixius, Linda Wallem and Evan Dunsky

Featuring: Edie Falco, Eve Best, Merritt Wever, Haaz Sleiman, Paul Schulze, Peter Facinelli, Dominic Fumusa, Anna Deavere Smith, Ruby Jerins, Mackenzie Aladjem, Stephen Wallem, Betty Gilpin and Adam Ferrara

Nurse Jackie: “This job is wading through a storm of people, who come into this place on the worst days of their lives.”

Released recently on DVD is the dramedy “Nurse Jackie” (2009-2015) that featured in the titular role Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton, an emergency department nurse at All Saints’ Hospital in New York City. Whilst this was not the first role Falco performed since “The Sopranos” (1999–2007) had finished, it was her first major one. Not only that but it would show a different side of her talents as well as her definitely being the lead, unlike her previous role as Carmela Soprano who for much of the time seemed to be a support to her husband Tony Soprano. Carmela often walked a fine line between being the antihero of “The Sopranos” and an outright villain, here in “Nurse Jackie” she does something similar although the quality of the show waivers unlike her previous effort.

During the seven season we witness a recidivist prescription-painkiller addict empowered by professional knowledge and personal cunning, Jackie was often far from a good person morally. Yet she was exceptionally good at her job, on which lives depended, and she could be a sincerely and selflessly good mother and friend, especially if you weren’t standing between her and what she wanted. Jackie’s weakness, her failings and her awareness of them, sometimes made her better: more understanding, more perceptive, able to deal with and accept the failings in others because she saw them in herself.

The show had a myriad of characters as well as some very talented actors to portray them. The main characters were Dr. Eleanor O’Hara (Eve Best), a British doctor and Jackie’s best friend at work; Zoey Barkow (Merritt Wever), a spunky, inexperienced nursing student from a community college, someone that shone as she was juxtaposed against Jackie’s hard edges; Dr. Fitch Cooper (Peter Facileness), a likable ‘golden boy’ whose calm façade hides a nervous disposition; and Eddie Walzer (Paul Schulze), a pharmacist with whom Jackie is having an affair at the beginning of the series. Other characters include the officious hospital administrator Gloria Akalitus (Anna Deavere Smith), Jackie’s bar owner husband Kevin (Dominic Fumusa), their daughters Grace (Ruby Jerins) and Fiona (Daisy Tahan in season 1 and Mackenzie Aladjem in seasons 2 through 7), and Thor (Stephen Wallem), Jackie’s kindhearted confidant.

“Nurse Jackie” was a very good series that walked a tightrope of drama and comedy like most great series do, it may have benefited from concluding its run around fifth season to keep audiences wanting more but the fact that it reached a season seven says something about not only the people behind the production but the viewers who mostly embraced it for the life of the series.


Season One

Pilot: Nurse Jackie Peyton is a hardworking and dedicated ER nurse. She has a bad back, is married with two kids, but fools around and puts altogether too many hours in at work. She also has good judgment and knows more than some of the doctors. When she tells Dr. Cooper that she suspects a bicycle messenger brought in following an accident of having a brain bleed, he blows her off. She decides that something good will come out of the situation regardless. Similarly, when she learns that a diplomat who attacked a hooker will not be charged because of his diplomatic immunity…

Sweet-N-All: With a nursing student in tow, Jackie deals with the usual variety of emergency cases including a child who has an accident on his bike but wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time and a woman whose oxygen tank exploded when she lit a cigarette. Dr. Cooper actually makes a correct diagnosis. Gloria Akalitus has an interesting day at work when she takes Jackie’s coffee sweetener, which has no sweetener in it, but rather crushed up pain killers. Student nurse Zoey Barkow is worried when she finds the diplomat’s ear in the toilet and it’s suggested she may have put it there.

Chicken Soup: Jackie and her husband fear that their daughter may be suffering from anxiety, and Jackie confides her concerns with Dr. O’Hara. An elderly man who has chosen to treat his heart failure with chicken soup comes to the hospital for his treatment. Also Jackie’s pharmacist boyfriend lets her know he’s being replaced by an automated pill dispenser.

School Nurse: Jackie and Kevin are summoned to their daughters’ school for a parent-teacher conference, where they are told that their older daughter Grace is suffering from anxiety disorder. Jackie does not respond well to the news and attacks the school nurse. At the hospital, a young boy with a twin brother is brought in after an accident, and Mohammed confides to Zoey that he once had a twin. Zoey experiences her first death of a patient.

Daffodil: Jackie and Zoey are working the night shift when a ten-year-old girl brings her lupus-stricken mother to the emergency room. A stroke patient needs Jackie’s help in getting peace from his family, Dr. O’Hara takes Zoey out to dinner, and Mo-Mo plays games with his stalking admirer, Thor.

Tiny Bubbles: A former nurse in the hospital returns, sick from lung cancer and with a favor to ask of her friend Jackie. Dr. Cooper’s mother is wheeled into the ER with abdominal pains – with his other mom at her side. Mrs. Akalitus is once again on the hunt for any wrongdoing.

Steak Knife: Eddie surprises Jackie with a present for their first anniversary. A woman brings her date to the emergency room after he has been stabbed by her ex-husband. Mrs. Akalitus discovers an abandoned baby. Dr. O’Hara is feeling miserable, and Jackie is her only refuge.

Pupil: The emergency room is four nurses short, and Jackie runs a tight ship. A male temp seems to be unusually slow or dim until Zoey discovers that he may be on drugs. On top of everything, Grace has a panic attack at school, and Jackie accidentally lets it slip that she has a daughter.

Nose Bleed: Jackie spends time with her family, but when she has to go to work her daughter Grace makes a scene. At the hospital Jackie helps a homeless who collapses on the sidewalk with a badly infected foot, and she makes sure a young man who is brought in brain-dead becomes an organ donor. Akalitus is considering adopting the abandoned baby she has been taking care of, but then the parents turn up.

Ring Finger: Jackie forgets to remove her wedding ring before coming to work, and now she can’t seem to get it off her finger. A young man is brought to the ER with cardiac arrest, and Jackie uses his cell phone to contact his girlfriend. Zoey walks in on Jackie and Eddie, and Dr. Cooper puts pressure on Jackie over paperwork for the organ donor she secured in the last episode.

Pill-O-Matix: Jackie embarrasses her daughter by telling off another girl at mother-daughter tap class. An automatic pill dispenser replaces Eddie at the emergency room and leaves him hoping for a different kind of relationship with Jackie. Dr. Cooper, too, has fallen for Jackie after she kissed him. A well-known film critic is admitted with a broken arm, and Mo-Mo helps a young man with a spider trapped in his ear.

Health Care and Cinema: The film critic remains in a coma, and Zoey is in a somber mood. Mrs. Akalitus launches an investigation, but only after she gets stuck in an elevator. Dr. O’Hara flies her sick mother in from London. After following Jackie after work, Eddie goes to her husbands bar to get a drink.

Season Two

Comfort Food: Jackie is spending time with her family at the beach but still shows that she’s in charge. At the hospital, Gloria is concerned with the growing disappearance of drugs and gets Jackie to give training to staff on how the properly use the dispensing system. Dr. Cooper lodges a formal complaint against her and she comes within inches of being shot when a deranged patient fires their gun at no one in particular. Eddie is still trying to contact her but she ignores him completely. Until he finds a way to get her attention that she simply cannot avoid.

Twitter: Dr. O’Hara shows up at work still high on the Ecstasy she took the night before. Jackie deals with a young boy who may have a serious respiratory problem. His parents are thrilled when Jackie says they can do the necessary tests at All Saints but may have sent them home too early. Having recovered from his suicide attempt, Eddie visits Jackie’s husband Kevin at the bar. Nurse Sam begins to ask if either Jackie or Dr. O’Hara have a drug problem. Dr. Cooper has taken to twittering and it’s driving Jackie crazy.

Candyland: Everyone at the hospital is put out – especially Dr. O’Hara – when Dr. Cooper is listed in a monthly magazine as one of the 25 best doctors in Manhattan. Jackie is less than pleased when Kaitlin shows up on a play date at her house. She’s even less pleased when Kaitlin sees her snorting a line. At the hospital, she’s almost caught taking drugs out of the dispensary using Zoey’s access number. Back at home, she’s dumbfounded when she sees who husband Kevin’s new friend is.

Apple Bong: Jackie is still incensed at having found Eddie in her house and tells him to stay away; he’s not very receptive to the idea. Zoey performs brilliantly when a young child is brought in unable to breathe. A patient with stage 3 lymphoma is brought to the hospital but Dr. Cooper doesn’t react well to Jackie’s suggested treatment. She decides to help him out anyways. Dr. O’Hara and self-confessed sex addict Sam take it to the next level.

Caregiver: Jackie is mad a husband Kevin when he reveals that he went to the movies with Ginny Flynn and the kids during the children’s play date. Jackie decides to sleep on the couch. At the hospital, Gloria Akalitus is still concerned about the seepage in the drug lockup and posts a security guard at the machine, which doesn’t seem to do much good. Sam still pursues Dr. O’Hara, who saw it all as a one night stand. O’Hara also reveals to Jackie that she knows a famous international TV news correspondent. Akalitus asks Dr. Cooper if he will be the face of a new promotional …

Bleeding: Jackie sleeps with Eddie at his apartment and tells him to stop seeing Kevin. Posters with Dr. Cooper’s face are plastered all over the city, much to the disgust of Jackie and Dr. O’Hara. Jackie treats a female Iraq war vet with PTSD. Dr. O’Hara’s ex, Sarah Khouri, comes to town and they’re back on. With Eddie and the Pill-O-Matix becoming less reliable sources, Jackie finds ways to get pills. Eddie ignores Jackie’s request and invites Kevin out. Jackie allows Fiona to have a fake cast on her arm for her birthday.

Silly String: Post-birthday party, Fiona busts her lip open on her cast and Dr. O’Hara and Jackie stitch her up in the Peyton kitchen. Jackie notices Sarah Khouri’s philandering behavior and brings up her concerns to Dr. O’Hara. Libby Sussman, the uber-patron of All Saints, is brought into the ER.

Monkey Bits: Jackie deals with Fiona’s teacher’s concerns and suspicions about her busted lip and cast. Dr. Cooper sets his friend Georgia up with Eddie. Dr. O’Hara, having once again ended things with Sarah, takes comfort with spending time with Jackie and her family in Queens.

P.O. Box: Jackie tells Kevin she wants to send Fiona to Immaculate with Grace. Kevin makes Jackie promise not to accept money from Dr. O’Hara. Jackie rents a P.O. Box in order to safely receive her secret credit card bill that she’s now using to pay for prescriptions.

Sleeping Dogs: Jackie is discovered getting a phony prescription, while Eddie returns to All Saints, and Coop laments the end of his star-making media campaign.

What the Day Brings: After avoiding Eddie, O’Hara and the drug dealer who has come looking for his stolen pills, Jackie takes off early for a family vacation upstate. But when Jackie misplaces the stash of pills she brought to get her through the vacation, she starts to unravel bit by bit.

Years of Service: After a disastrous family vacation, Jackie returns to work for a day of reckoning. The mounting pressures and conflicts in her personal and professional lives reach a boiling point. Unexpected alliances lead to revelations that even Jackie can’t avoid. Between Dr. O’Hara, Eddie, Kevin and the drug dealer, the wagons are circling around Jackie Peyton.

Season Three

Game On: Jackie’s marriage is strained, as is her relationship with O’Hara after the intervention; Akalitus warns the staff that nearby hospitals have closed down, straining the staff and resources; Zoey publicly confesses her affair with Lenny.

Enough Rope: Eddie tells Jackie he can’t keep lying to Kevin, whom he now considers a real friend. Akalitus announces that All Saints is vying for a visit from Michelle Obama and confides to Jackie that O’Hara is looking for work at another hospital. Coop tries to bury the hatchet with Sam. The rift between Jackie and O’Hara softens when Jackie tells her that she’ll follow her to any hospital just to be near her. Kevin tells Jackie his buddy Eddie called and is out of a job and asks if she can put in a good word for him at All Saints.

Play Me: Much to Jackie’s surprise, Kevin’s younger sister, Tunie, shows up in the girls’ bedroom, freshly hungover and tragically heartbroken after being dumped by her pilot boyfriend. On their way to work, Jackie tells Eddie she thinks Kevin installed Tunie to monitor her in the wake of his intervention. Lenny prepares Zoey a romantic picnic lunch only to crack her tooth when she bites into a sandwich where he’s hidden his house key. Zoey talks things over with God, who’s set up a makeshift piano bar in the ambulance bay. At the hospital, a Jewish Orthodox husband fights …

Mitten: Jackie’s back in the swing of things, having re-hidden her stash of pills in the basement and mended fences with O’Hara. Zoey’s working her first double and Jackie worries about her burning out. Lou, an out-of-work salesman, comes into the hospital and wins everyone over. O’Hara accepts the title of ER chief, which sparks a competitive streak in Coop. Kevin invites Eddie to a backyard barbecue to celebrate his new job. When Jackie gets home, she sees empty closets and drawers and panics-did Kevin leave her? She finds out he went to an Al-Anon meeting and the drawers …

Rat Falls: Jackie is on edge after realizing the stash of pills she stole from Bill the epileptic drug dealer is quickly dwindling. With a head of steam, Jackie confronts Eddie about his recent text exchanges with Kevin’s younger sister, Tunie. Eddie maintains that it’s completely innocent, while making the point that Jackie has no leg to stand on. Coop remains determined to battle O’Hara for the ER Chief title, but suffers a huge emotional blow when his mothers announce they’re divorcing. Lou, the down-on-his-luck salesman, returns to the ER much worse for the wear. Akalitus …

When the Saints Go: As Jackie’s supply of pills starts to dwindle, her strategies become more intense and secretive. At All Saints, the saints from the chapel are being removed and carted off by the diocese. Between this, the lack of pills, her spiraling lack of control, and the saints leaving the building, Jackie finds herself unable to even walk through her own front door at the end of the day.

Orchids and Salami: Jackie soothes Grace’s anxiety about the upcoming saint pageant. Kelly continues to win over the All Saints crew. Zoey connects with a twelve-year-old boy whose mother was brought in as a drug overdose. A Native American patient momentarily lifts Coop’s depression. Jackie pockets a Fentynal delivery that was meant for Oncology. Kevin confronts Jackie with the dental floss/drug stash he found.

The Astonishing: Jackie visits Bill at his diner only to find that he has no pills for her. While helping Akalitus, Thor helps her face a deeper fear. Two drunk high school girls arrive in the ER after one of them face plants on the sidewalk. Coop is attempting to throw away his childish things that have cluttered his office. Jackie needs to get to Immaculate Virgin to see Grace perform in the Saint Pageant.

Have You Met Ms. Jones?: With Jackie’s drug hookup crushed under a truck, she’s run out of pills. Eddie confronts Kelly about the missing Fentanyl patches. Kelly follows protocol to the letter. Coop sets his sights on an old girlfriend. Zoey assesses the seriousness of her relationship with Lenny. O’Hara finally settles down enough to purchase an apartment. Jackie finds what she needs on the walk home from work.

Fuck the Lemurs: The Peytons meet with Grace’s psychiatrist Dr. Bowen. When Jackie asks Eddie if he can fill Grace’s scrip, he’s cagey. Akalitus pulls Jackie off a case and tells her that she’s putting her on probation. O’Hara and Jackie argue in front of the staff. Coop asks Akalitus if he can reserve the chapel for his wedding. Kevin promises to be home but doesn’t make it back until after Jackie is asleep.

Batting Practice: Kevin takes off to batting practice where he meets Eddie. Eddie is sure Kevin knows about him and Jackie. Jackie, still sober is trying to get through her probation. Coop has a hard time getting Eddie to agree to be his best man. Zoey throws a party for Nurses Appreciation Week. Kelly and Jackie tag team a trauma where Jackie is forced to confess her probation.

…Deaf Blind Tumor Pee-Test: Akalitus is all over the staff: HR has mandated a urine sample from all the nurses. Jackie keeps dodging her. Coop’s wedding is today and Jackie has forgotten to get the cake. Jackie is avoiding the inevitable conversation her husband is determined to have with her. Coop’s bride stands him up at the altar. Akalitus finally gets Jackie to take a pee test just as Kevin arrives at the hospital.

Season Four

Kettle-Kettle-Black-Black: Jackie realizes she needs professional help, while All Saints is taken over by a corporation whose new director makes a shocking personnel change. Kevin does not react well when he learns the truth about Jackie and Eddie.

Disneyland Sucks: Jackie detoxes in rehab and forges a surprising alliance with 17-year-old fellow addict Charlie. Director Cruz’s innovations continue to irritate everyone on the All Saints staff except for Coop.

The Wall: Worried about her daughter, Jackie leaves rehab early against her therapist’s advice. Zoey has second thoughts about her relationship with Lenny.

Slow Growing Monsters: Jackie learns that Grace knows the truth about rehab and races to tell Kevin before he hears about it from their daughter. She asks Charlie to meet her at an AA meeting but he shows up drunk.

One-Armed Jacks: Missing her family and adjusting poorly to single life, Jackie invites Kevin to meet her at a café for lunch. An attempted double suicide trauma case comes into the E.R. Zoey looks for a new roommate.

No-Kimono-Zone: Jackie has a disturbing dream about using again. Zoey loses her engagement ring and questions her feelings for Lenny. O’Hara takes action on Jackie’s behalf when Kevin sues for full custody.

Day of the Iguana: Jackie covers for Cruz when he has a panic attack. Zoey surveys her coworkers for the best way to conduct a breakup. Akalitus enlists the staff in an elaborate charade when her mentor enters the hospital, suffering from dementia.

Chaud & Froid: Jackie reveals her rehab stint to Cruz and Eddie offers support for Jackie’s case during his deposition to Kevin’s lawyer. O’Hara finally leans on Coop during an OB/GYN appointment.

Are Those Feathers?: The firing of her colleagues, Grace’s refusal to go to school, and an overflowing emergency room full of patients redirected from another hospital push Jackie to finally seize control of the E.R. and run it her way.

Handle Your Scandal: Cruz purposely pushes Jackie to the breaking point, and then uses her reaction as grounds to fire her. Jackie enrolls Grace in public school. O’Hara goes into labour.

Season Five

Happy F*cking Birthday: Season 5 premiere. An overturned bus makes for a crazy day at All Saints as two new doctors join the staff: Dr. Carrie Roman (Betty Gilpin) and Dr. Ike Prentiss (Morris Chestnut). Meanwhile, O’Hara (Eve Best) just wants to spend every minute with her new son and Akalitus (Anna Deavere Smith) gives Eddie (Paul Schulze) back his old job – all this, the day before Jackie’s (Edie Falco) birthday.

Luck of the Drawing: Jackie and Kevin are at a stalemate in their divorce mediation because Kevin wants full custody. A patient from the bus crash is back after she contracted sepsis while at All Saints. Coop is angry that he isn’t named Chief of the ER and wants to quit but Jackie tells him he’ll get respect if he mans up. Jackie, overwhelmed by the day, vents to the only person who will understand – Charlie Cruz.

Smile: After their custody meeting, Jackie rear-ends Kevin and wakes up as a patient in her own ER. Kevin accuses her of using. Coop begins covering for Carrie and taking on a lot more work. When Carrie checks on Jackie, she writes her a prescription for Oxy, unaware she’s an addict. The most unlikely person asks Jackie out on a date.

Lost Girls: A heavily medicated Jane Doe is brought into the ER and Jackie tasks Zoey with finding out who she is. Coop invites Carrie to dinner. Jackie faces conflict with both her daughters – Fiona has been acting out in class while Grace sneaks around the city with her older boyfriend.

Good Thing: Jackie is nervous about her date with Frank, so Zoey and Thor help her get ready and Eddie offers some friendly pointers. Prentiss misdiagnoses an injured dancer, but Akalitus and Coop catch his mistake before the patient leaves. Mike Cruz calls Jackie in a moment of need.

Walk of Shame: Jackie and Grace both have to recover from their nights of indiscretion. Carrie uses flashcards to strengthen her skills but then cons Coop into doing more of her work anyway. Cruz arrives for his exit interview, putting everyone on edge. Jackie tries to tell Cruz what they did was a mistake, but he won’t hear any of it.

Teachable Moments: Akalitus forgets to hire an escort for a psych patient who ends up laying waste to the pharmacy. Frank cancels his lunch date with Jackie because he picked up an extra shift. Zoey hears Coop and Carrie having sex. Jackie worries about Frank when news that a cop has been shot reaches the hospital.

Forget It: Kevin interrupts Jackie and Frank’s night. Akalitus’ blood results are in and her memory loss is a result of a medication she’s been taking. Zoey helps Prentiss organize his disaster of an office. Meanwhile, Jackie is convinced that Grace is sneaking behind her back to see Danny, but Grace assures her they broke up. Frank urges Jackie to work on her issues – so she attends an AA meeting.

Heart: Jackie and Frank have sex for the first time and he tells her he loves her. Akalitus has an extra spring in her step. Coop wants to take his mentoring of Carrie to the next level. Kevin and Grace show up at the hospital after Kevin finds a bag of pills in Grace’s bag.

Soul: Season 5 finale. It’s Jackie’s one year anniversary of sobriety and she and Frank fight about their relationship. Zoey acts very professional and rigid around Prentiss after their intimate evening. Carrie’s peer review does not go well. Grace has a breakdown about Jackie. Jackie takes something she shouldn’t have.

Season Six

Sink or Swim: Jackie is starting to go back to her old ways, while maintaining a certain image.

Pillgrimage: Jackie steals Dr. Roman’s DEA number. Coop is recruited by a ‘sperm scout’.

Super Greens: After a morning of defiant daughters cutting their own hair, Jackie blows off some steam and calls the hipster drug dealer, Gabe, for a re-up. Prentiss and Zoey arrive to find an angry patient defacing the hospital because of Prentiss’ bedside manner–and Zoey agrees it needs improvement. Zoey is volunteering later that night at a gay bar giving out free meningitis vaccinations but no one will go with her. Coop gets the disappointing news that his sperm count is too low to allow him to donate. And Carrie gets the lucky break of treating NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan which …

Love Jungle: Kevin’s engagement has left Jackie reeling. After having a sex dream that involves both Eddie and Kevin, Jackie wakes up with Frank at the foot of her bed asking to move in. She’s not ready for that and will have to think of some way to keep him at bay. While staking out Kevin’s fiancé’s dress shop with Antoinette, Jackie gets more than an eyeful when she witnesses the budding relationship between Kevin’s fiancé, Mia, and Grace. Jackie makes a scene, forcing Kevin to cancel the dinner he had planned to formerly introduce them. Meanwhile, back at All Saints, Akalitus’s…

Rag and Bone: Certain she has a hidden stash, Frank searches Jackie’s house for drugs. Luckily for Jackie, he throws his back out before he can find anything. Laid up and in pain, Frank confesses to Jackie that he saw her use at the poker party the night before and was searching the house. Realizing she dodged a bullet, Jackie quickly removes all drugs from her home and tries to find a hiding place for them at All Saints, finally settling on an old relic in the ladies rest room. Jackie complains to Antoinette about her upcoming dinner with Kevin and his new finance, but Antoinette …

Nancy Wood: Jackie’s fake identity is in compromised, but she has bigger problems to deal with. Prentiss is planning a night out with Zoey, but their date is interrupted when she suspects that something is wrong.

Rat on a Cheeto: The pressure of hiding her addiction is beginning to take a serious toll on Jackie. Meanwhile, Grace’s friend Mandy tells Jackie that Grace is receiving an award at school that day. Before the girls leave the house, Mandy bullies Grace into letting her stash her party drugs in Grace’s room. Meanwhile, Jackie arrives at work only to be ambushed again by Antoinette, who confronts Jackie about her use and makes a harrowing confession that spurs Jackie to get sober. After white-knuckling it through the morning, Jackie asks Eddie to find her some Suboxone – a controversial…

The Lady with the Lamp: Jackie detoxes at home with the help of Frank, Eddie, and Antoinette. It is a painful, embarrassing and emotional process for Jackie. In her detox, Jackie dreams that she is back on the floor at All Saints. Here she meets a mysterious patient who will expose Jackie’s greatest fear; that her relationship with Grace is not repairable. When Jackie awakens from her dream, the worst of detox is over. She’s on the mend when Grace comes home needing comfort after a really bad day at school. Jackie’s worst fears for the future of her relationship with her daughter have not …

Candyman: As Kevin and Mia plan their wedding Jackie and Frank remain estranged. Though they’re ‘not talking,’ Frank calls Jackie to warn her about a DEA investigation he heard is happening at All Saints involving interviews and urine tests. Jackie asserts she has nothing to worry about and ends the call quickly. It’s clear the physician’s number she stole is coming home to roost. Meanwhile, the death of the All Saints newsstand proprietor has the staff reflecting on the anonymity of life and Zoey and Thor plan a memorial. Jackie devises a painful spur of the moment solution to…

Sidecars and Spermicide: As Jackie’s drug use intensifies, she realizes she needs to clear the decks of the people closest to her if she wants to keep using. She notices Grace and Frank’s son getting a little too close for comfort. And this is all the ammunition she needs. She simplifies her life by breaking up with Frank and getting rid of Antoinette once and for all. Meanwhile, Carrie has forgotten Coop’s 40th birthday the morning after they’ve slept together–and Thor manages to save her with the world’s greatest present. The DEA investigation becomes more intense–many members of the …

Sisterhood: It’s Kevin’s wedding day and Jackie’s going-not because she wants to, but because Fiona begged her. Luckily for her, she’s got a serious stash to get her through. Akalitus has turned her suspicious eye on Jackie now that the DEA is breathing down her neck. Helen (the drunk nun that Jackie connected with in previous episodes) is brought in after a suicide attempt that will ultimately end her life in a few hours. Jackie cares for Helen along with all the other women in the ER. And to cover her own ass, Jackie convinces Helen to pass herself off as Nancy Wood, which …

Flight: Zoey reveals to Akalitus that she believes Jackie is using again, prompting a demand by Akalitus for a drug test. Seeing no other alternative Jackie attempts to flee New York but a car crash on her way to the airport prevents her from making her get away. Shortly after attending to the injured car crash victim Jackie inadvertently crashes into a stationary ambulance resulting in her arrest. Dr Roman informs Coop she is pregnant, and that he’s the father.

Season Seven

Clean: Picking up with her arrest, Jackie suffers through detox. Anticipating a heated battle with Gloria Akalitus, Jackie seeks help from a lawyer with her return to All Saints.

Deal: Jackie wants to return to All Saints with the help from her lawyer, which she cannot afford.

Godfathering: Jackie is not allowed to touch patients, and must undergo daily urine screens.

Nice Ladies: Akalitus doesn’t trust Jackie when she shares the news that the hospital is being sold.

Coop Out: Jackie stirs up trouble when she rallies her co-workers against the developers. Coop prepares for his last day at All Saints.

High Noon: Jackie, Dr. Prince and Akalitus are forced to run the ER without nurses when Zoey leads a walk-out.

Are You with Me, Doctor Wu?: In an effort to stop dealing, Jackie and Eddie make one last purge of their stash; When Zoey blames herself after a patient dies, she and Dr. Carrie Roman form an unlikely friendship.

Managed Care: When Jackie tells Grace about her news, Grace’s reaction surprises her. Dr. Prince attracts a mob to All Saints. Thor reveals a romantic secret.

Serviam in Caritate: Jackie and Zoey set out on an unexpected road trip; Zoey confronts her frustration with Jackie.

Jackie and the Wolf: Jackie and Eddie’s quiet morning is interrupted by an unwelcome knock at the door.

Vigilante Jones: Dr. Prince puts a patient’s life at risk, forcing Jackie to perform a procedure on her own. Meanwhile, Zoey is shocked to learn Carrie’s secret. Eddie gets in hot water with his job – putting Jackie’s position in jeopardy. 

I Say a Little Prayer: Jackie and Kevin are greeted by a surprise visitor during Grace’s confirmation rehearsal. On the last day before All Saints closes its doors Jackie is offered a job at Bellevue Hospital, and wants Zoey to come with her.

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