Blu-ray Review: “South of Hell: Season One”

“South of Hell: Series One” (2016)


Horror – TV Series

8 Episodes

Created by: Matt Lambert

Featuring: Mena Suvari, Zachary Booth, Lamman Rucker, Paulina Singer, Drew Moerlein, Lauren Luna Veléz, Bill Irwin

The latest in a long line of supernatural television series that mixes horror, action, thrillers and detective shows into one hoping to recreate the success of a Buffy, Angel or Supernatural franchise is interesting enough but will it be enough to spawn further seasons?

In Charleston, South Carolina, Maria and David Abascal are demon hunters for hire. In Maria’s body resides a demon called Abigail, who feeds off the evil that Maria exorcises of others. As Maria does her job of vanquishing evil, she must find a way to exorcise Abigail out of her body. But getting rid of Abigail is not an easy task, as she finds it immensely appealing to reside deep within a conflicted soul such as Maria’s.

The best parts of this television show are all the exorcism or demon-related scenes, which steal from not only movies but a number of better other shows. Where this show fails is in every other aspect and this is where a show like “Ash vs Evil Dead” does best on a weekly basis.

So, while this is an inferior show it could be a useful diversion to other shows in their off seasons so with this I could say watch but with a grain of salt.

Special Features:


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