Film Review: “The Purge: Election Day” (2016)

“The Purge: Election Year” (2016)

Running Time: 105 minutes

Director: James DeMonaco

Featuring: Frank Grillo, Elizabeth Mitchell, Mykelti Williamson, Terry Serpico, Kyle Secor

PSA: “Blessed be our New Founding Fathers for letting us Purge and cleanse our souls. Blessed be America, a nation reborn.”

This film could not have been timed more appropriately with the Presidential elections starting to ramp up in the US at the moment – and yes there have been jokes made about this film and a Donald Trump presidency which I will not go into here as it is too easy a target.

If you are interested in this latest Purge film then I am assuming you seen the previous two films and their rising escalation from family home to the streets to the war on/by the government.

There is only one returning character who has joined this new cast and that is Leo Barnes, (Frank Grillo) who in the second film was on a path of vengeance on Purge Night, and, who came to realise that it was nothing but a form of class warfare. In this film he is the head bodyguard of Presidential Nominee Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) who is an anti-purge politician, and who, as a child had her own purge nightmare experience. The main thrust of this film is how the people in power are sensing a movement in the lower classes to rid the country of The Purge, and to use the only power they have left – the power to vote.

This film is less inclined to show what people are up to on purge night and instead focuses on the battle (both physical and spiritual) between the corrupt government and those against that perceived tyranny. Then there are three main disparate groups that end up coming together to help the fight for democracy and to show that all lives matter rich or poor.

As usual the film has some pretty great protagonists and they are the foot soldiers of the government, these are a cadre of white supremacists, they make a great foe for the Senator and her bodyguard. I mean who doesn’t like to see racists get their comeuppance. The film boasts many action sequences that are inventive, and illstrste just what a crazy night this is. My only real criticism is that in the second film there was a lot more going on in the background, but in this film most of the action takes place with our central characters.

More and more these films seem like an authentic throwback to the great 80s films that were about the downfall of society and the kind of ‘normal’ people that are there to bring back some normalcy, while fighting for themselves and others.

If you are a fan of hard action and horror with thrills thrown in then this entire series is for you.

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