Batman v Superman v Us

Well with the confirmation that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has fallen almost 70% weekend to weekend in the US and 85% in China it appears that audiences have spoken and listened to the overwhelming reviews that have been generated globally. Not even rabid fanboys could save it. Once looking like a billion dollar movie it now looks considerably less likely to get to $850 million. A pretty sad day for fandom, WB and DC.

I am not going to say it was a great movie but neither is it the worst comic book hero movie either.

The main issues I have are with the internal logic and the obvious points it makes not to be like a certain other comic book universe. Many many problems exist, trackers that beep, Clark not confronting Bruce at Lex’s party, why Superman did not take the wrecked Kryptonian ships at the end of Man of Steel and leave them with humans, if Superman is going to return after being pulverised by Doomsday why Zod could not come back after a broken neck etc.

Much of the framing and general direction are excellent. If there is one thing Zack Snyder can do it is frame action and compose scenes. The acting is good even Lex is fun and out of it.

I do think the film could have been trimmed by at least half an hour which would have tightened the pace. With a much longer cut on DVD/Bluray/VOD which would have been great.

When Justice League starts filming in a few weeks I hope the script is tight and makes more sense. I for one will probably wait for the 4k Bluray and go and see Justice League 2 at the movies. Speak soon.

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