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Film review: “Get Out” (2017)

“Get Out” (2017) Drama/Horror Running Time: 104 minutes Written & Directed by: Jordan Peele Featuring: Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Landry Jones, Stephen Root and Catherine Keener Rod Williams (Talking to Detectives): “Then he sent me some weird pictures… I’m like all man that’s Andre Hayworth… this dude been missing for 6 months.Right? So I do all my research you know cause as a […]

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An Animated Guy – Special Mention at Doc Edge Awards

An Animated Guy – Special Mention at Doc Edge Awards The short films ranging from 6 minutes to 40 minutes impressed the judges too. The 2016 Academy Award® Documentary (Short Subject) winner A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness, won Best International Short Documentary, judges hailing it as “an example of activist filmmaking at its best.” From NZ […]

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Goodbye Wellington & Thanks

An Animated Guy has now world premiered and it is a relief. Thanks to those that turned up and sorry if there was a mix up with any complementary tickets. Thank you Wellington, Ernie Davis, Rorro, Zoe-Rose, Barb and Marnie. See you in Auckland. John Spry

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Update: Arrived in Wellington

Hi All, I have arrived in Wellington, it is a lovely morning, having a coffee, eggs and a muffin. Looking forward to the World Premiere of “An Animated Guy”, but very nervous. I had some nice words from Guy last night on the way down. He seems really amped, he always says nice things about the short. See you guys […]

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Breaking News:Documentary Edge Festival 2016: Critters in short films

Documentary Edge Festival 2016: Critters in short films Today “An Animated Guy” and its director were mentioned in a new article. Click Link or see below. The festival hosts the world premiere of An Animated Guy, a 15-minute film focusing on Guy Capper, directed by John Spry. When director Spry, was made redundant in 2014 after working with a bank […]

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Doc Edge Launch

Hi all I have just been to the launch of the 2016 Documentary Edge Festival at the Auckland Art Gallery and it was just awesome. My first taste of a real festival with my short doco in it. I could not have asked for more. With my good friend Rorro. We met lots of other directors and producers. And we watched the documentary Song of Lahore just excellent.

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The Dominion Press

I have been interviewed for about half an hour by the Dominion newspaper in Wellington. It was very exciting talking about the last year and how “An Animated guy” came into being. How I met Guy and the cool people I met making the documentary. A special shout out to: Guy Capper, Tim Capper, Ros Capper, Jemaine Clement, Laura Tait, […]

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Upcoming Press

Just found out that I will be doing a small amount of press next week, done by the Dominion and ergo Will keep you all posted. Very exciting – never done press before!!!!! What would Robert and Sheepy think?  

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Dropping of Short Doc

Today I am dropping my short documentary “An Animated Guy” to the Doc Edge Festival offices today in Auckland and this is the last step in the process for people to start seeing the film. I am so nervous and all I can think about is all the things I want to change and add. If only I had been […]