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Review: “The Witch”

One of the most popular genres for debut film makers to dip their toes into is the Horror genre. That means that every year there are hundreds of new horror films being released on to DVD, BR, streaming and at the movies. Most often they are cheap knock offs of familiar sub-genres, werewolves, vampires and zombies as well as found […]

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The Dominion Press

I have been interviewed for about half an hour by the Dominion newspaper in Wellington. It was very exciting talking about the last year and how “An Animated guy” came into being. How I met Guy and the cool people I met making the documentary. A special shout out to: Guy Capper, Tim Capper, Ros Capper, Jemaine Clement, Laura Tait, […]

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Upcoming Press

Just found out that I will be doing a small amount of press next week, done by the Dominion and ergo Will keep you all posted. Very exciting – never done press before!!!!! What would Robert and Sheepy think?  

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The Box (2009)

Directed by Richard Kelly Featuring Cameron Diaz, James Marsden With the upcoming release of Jeff Nicholls “Midnight Special” and the director could be considered the Richard Kelly of his day I thought it may be a good time to revisit Kelly’s “The Box” from 2009. After the success of “Donnie Darko” (2001) and the misfire of “Southland Tales” (2006) he […]

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Dropping of Short Doc

Today I am dropping my short documentary “An Animated Guy” to the Doc Edge Festival offices today in Auckland and this is the last step in the process for people to start seeing the film. I am so nervous and all I can think about is all the things I want to change and add. If only I had been […]

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Batman v Superman v Us

Well with the confirmation that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has fallen almost 70% weekend to weekend in the US and 85% in China it appears that audiences have spoken and listened to the overwhelming reviews that have been generated globally. Not even rabid fanboys could save it. Once looking like a billion dollar movie it now looks considerably […]