DVD review: “Anger Management” (2012-2014)

“Anger Management” (2012-2014)


One hundred Episodes

Created by: Bruce Helford

Featuring: Charlie Sheen, Selma Blair, Shawnee Smith, Daniela Bobadilla, Noureen DeWulf, Michael Arden, Derek Richardson, Barry Corbin, Brian Austin Green and Laura Bell Bundy

Sean: “I don’t know what’s going on here, but I am totally on Jen’s side.”

“Anger Management” is a television sitcom that aired from 2012 to 2014. The show stars Charlie Sheen as a former baseball player turned anger management therapist named Charlie Goodson.

The premise of the show is that Charlie Goodson has anger issues of his own, which he is trying to work through while helping his patients manage their own anger. Each episode features a different patient with a unique set of anger issues, and the show often uses humor to explore the challenges and frustrations of dealing with anger.

The show received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising Charlie Sheen’s performance and the show’s humor, while others criticized it for being too formulaic and predictable. However, despite the mixed reviews, the show was popular with audiences and lasted for two seasons.

Overall, “Anger Management” is an entertaining sitcom that uses humor to explore the serious topic of anger management. While it may not be for everyone, fans of Charlie Sheen and sitcoms in general may find it worth checking out.

One of the main strengths of the show is the chemistry between the cast members. Charlie Sheen’s portrayal of the flawed and impulsive Charlie Goodson is both humorous and relatable, and his interactions with his patients and colleagues are often the highlight of the show. The supporting cast, including Selma Blair as Charlie’s therapist and Shawnee Smith as his ex-wife, also bring a lot of humor and depth to their respective roles.

Another notable aspect of the show is its use of guest stars. Each episode features a new patient with a unique set of anger issues, and many of these characters are played by well-known actors such as Brian Austin Green, Lindsay Lohan, and Denise Richards. This adds an extra layer of interest and excitement to the show, as viewers get to see how these different characters interact with Charlie and his colleagues.

However, some critics have criticized the show for being too formulaic and predictable. The episodes often follow a similar structure, with Charlie helping a patient work through their anger issues before ultimately learning a lesson himself. While this structure can be comforting for viewers who enjoy the predictability of sitcoms, it can also be seen as repetitive and unoriginal.

Overall, “Anger Management” is an enjoyable sitcom that explores the challenges and frustrations of dealing with anger in a humorous and relatable way. While it may not be groundbreaking or particularly innovative, it is a solid addition to the genre and worth checking out for fans of Charlie Sheen and sitcoms in general.


Series One

Charlie Goes Back to Therapy: After nearly getting into a fight with his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, Charlie, an ex ball player turned professional therapist, decides that he needs therapy himself.

Charlie and the Slumpbuster: Charlie creates more problems for himself when he tries to spare the feelings of a former “slumpbuster” from his baseball days who has tracked him down.

Charlie Tries Sleep Deprivation: Charlie conducts a sleep deprivation experiment on his group, which yields some very surprising results for everyone–including Charlie.

Charlie and Kate Battle Over a Patient: A long-standing rivalry over who’s a better therapist leads to war when Kate steals Patrick, one of Charlie’s group patients.

Charlie Tries to Prove Therapy Is Legit: Charlie wants to “date” his ex’s cute, new business partner. She believes in ghosts but not in therapy.

Charlie Dates Kate’s Patient: Charlie finds out that the woman he’s dating is Kate’s patient, but he has sex with her anyway. Meanwhile, he encourages his therapy group to call each other when facing moments of weakness.

Charlie’s Patient Gets Out of JailCharlie is alarmed when one of his patients from his prison group is released and then becomes involved with his ex-wife Jennifer.

Charlie Outs a Patient: Charlie’s habit of meddling in his patients’ personal lives backfires when he tries to help Nolan out with his girlfriend.

Charlie’s Dad Visits: Charlie gets an unexpected visit from his hyper-critical, bullying father, who tells him he is moving to town to be closer to him; in the therapy group, Charlie attempts to help Lacey with road rage.

Charlie Gets Romantic: Kate is worried that Charlie is becoming attached to her, Charlie and Jennifer think their daughter Sam is a lesbian, and Charlie tries to celebrate a breakthrough with his anger therapy group.

Series Two

Charlie Loses it at a Baby Shower: Charlie and Kate go to Charlie’s sister’s baby shower even though he hasn’t seen her for ten years, and the group is convinced that Ed’s daughter is a lesbian.

Charlie’s Dad Starts to Lose It: Charlie is convinced that his dad is faking Alzheimer’s, and Nolan has a breakthrough with Patrick’s help.

Charlie and the Ex-Patient: Charlie is interested in dating a sexy ex-patient after the five-year mandatory waiting period runs out, but he soon finds out that some of her other former therapists have the same idea.

Charlie’s Dad Breaks Bad: Charlie comes down hard on his dad after he turns out to be a bad influence on his new friends. Meanwhile, Lacey helps Patrick out with an old high school bully.

Charlie & Jen Together Again: Kate becomes jealous when Jennifer stays with Charlie for a few days.

Charlie and Deception Therapy: Charlie decides to engage in deception therapy to help Ed deal with his anger issues, and Jennifer asks Charlie to hang out with Kate.

Charlie Dates a Teacher: Charlie dates his daughter’s teacher.

Charlie & Cee Lo: Charlie runs into problems after Cee Lo Green hires him as his personal therapist, and things unexpectedly heat up when Lacey hires Nolan to be her photographer.

Charlie Is an Expert Witness: Charlie and Kate are opposing expert witnesses in a trial, and Charlie gives Nolan homework to get in touch with his feelings.

Charlie & Catholicism: Charlie’s dad puts pressure on him to have Sam baptized in the Catholic Church.

Charlie Dates Crazy, Sexy, Angry: Kate becomes jealous when Charlie starts dating his crazy ex, Lori. Meanwhile, the support group tries to find a rich boyfriend for Lacey.

Charlie Gets Lindsay Lohan Into Trouble: Lindsay Lohan hires Charlie to be her anger management therapist on the set of a commercial, but Charlie winds up sleeping with her and gets her in trouble after the paparazzi get a hold of it.

Charlie and Lacey Piss Off the Neighborhood: Charlie may be forced to move the therapy group out of his house after Lacey gets into a fight with one of his neighbors, while Kate goes with Jennifer to help find a dress for Sam.

Charlie and Kate Horse Around: After Sam finds out her favorite horse is in equine therapy, Charlie has an idea for a bonding experience for his therapy group.

Charlie’s Patients Hook Up: Two patients in Charlie’s group get involved in a romantic relationship.

Charlie and Kate’s Dirty Pictures: Charlie gets Nolan a job with Kate, and uses him to spy on her when Nolan discovers an envelope with dirty pictures in it. Meanwhile, Charlie has a support group created in prison for Lacey.

Charlie Lets Kate Take Charge: Problems arise when Charlie and his dad coach a baseball team together, and Kate takes over Charlie’s group during his coaching gig.

Charlie and the Break-Up Coach: Jennifer competes with Charlie when she becomes Patrick’s “life coach,” and Lacey helps Charlie’s dad get a Facebook account.

Charlie, Kate and Jen Get Romantic: Charlie’s dad interferes with Charlie’s relationship with Kate to get him back together with Jennifer, and Nolan helps Ed as his “anger buddy.”

Charlie Breaks Up with Kate: Charlie deals with Kate breaking up with him and Jennifer getting back together with her ex-boyfriend Sean. Meanwhile, Charlie’s group volunteers at a soup kitchen.

Charlie and His New Therapist: Charlie sees a new therapist to deal with new anger issues with Kate, which may open up a new set of issues for Charlie. Meanwhile, the support group plays a trick on Ed for his cruelty.

Charlie and Kate Start a Sex Study: Charlie and Kate begin work on a sex study. Meanwhile, Lacey starts a new job.

Charlie & the Secret Gigolo: A judge orders Sean to Charlie’s therapy group after he gets in trouble with the law, and Ed convinces Patrick to buy a television.

Charlie and His New Friend with Benefits: After his breakup with Kate, Charlie finds a woman who is satisfied with just being “friends with benefits,” but is she really being completely honest with herself and with Charlie?

Charlie and the Airport Sext: Charlie takes his group on a trip to Lake Tahoe to celebrate a milestone in their therapy, but he returns home early after he receives a text message from Kate.

Charlie and the Hot Nerd: When Charlie begins dating a woman he meets on a technical support call, her nerdy ex finds a way to make Charlie’s life Hell.

Charlie Dates a Serial Killer’s Sister: Charlie begins dating a woman, not knowing that her brother is a serial killer from his prison support group.

Charlie and the Cheating Patient: Charlie suspects Jen’s boyfriend is cheating on her with one of his patients. Ed and Patrick help Nolan after his apartment gets robbed.

Charlie and the Virgin: Charlie goes behind Kate’s back and pretends to be a sex surrogate for her 32 year old virgin patient, and Jennifer gets upset when Sam gets a tattoo.

Charlie and the Hit and Run: Charlie has to deal with the aftermath when his father moves in with his patient, and they hit someone with their car. Lacey takes Nolan out to a club.

Charlie Kills His Ex’s Sex Life: Charlie becomes jealous of Jennifer’s new boyfriend. Meanwhile, Patrick helps Lacey prepare for a modeling gig.

Charlie and the Prison Riot: There’s a riot at the prison and Charlie is held hostage. Nolan, Lacey and Ed throw Patrick a birthday party.

Charlie and Kate Do It for Money: After Charlie and Kate lose funding for their study, Charlie may have to make a big sacrifice to get new funding. Meanwhile, Nolan’s new online girlfriend turns out to be 10 years old.

Charlie and the Sting: Charlie intervenes in Kate’s sex life. Meanwhile, Martin offers relationship advice to Lacey.

Charlie Gets the Party Started: Charlie and Sean plan an epic party. Meanwhile, Lacey accidentally gets Ed addicted to drugs.

Charlie and the Grad Student: Charlie and Nolan compete for a woman’s attention. Meanwhile, Martin and Ed hatch a scam.

Charlie’s New Sex Study Partner: Charlie hires a psychologist to replace Kate in his sex study. Meanwhile, Jennifer and Lacey prank Sean.

Charlie and the Sex Addict: Charlie hits on Jordan’s A.A. sponsor when he discovers that she is a recovering sex addict, and Ed helps Patrick design an outfit for a full-figured woman.

Charlie and the Hooker: A pimp joins Charlie’s therapy group, and he pays for his services with one of his escorts’ services.

Charlie and the Devil: A new patient in Charlie’s group claims to be the Devil, and Nolan sells his soul to him to get Lacey to love him. Jennifer and Sam take an interest in their new neighbors, and Martin tries to get Charlie back to church.

Charlie and Sean and the Battle of the Exes: Sean is jealous when Charlie keeps sleeping with Jen after he tells Charlie that he wants her back, so he looks to get revenge. Meanwhile, the therapy group helps to make Patrick unattractive so that he can find a new man.

Charlie Helps Lacey Stay Rich: Charlie suggests that Lacey and Patrick pretend to date in order for her to get her inheritance.

Charlie Loses His Virginity Again: Charlie asks for a second chance with the woman to whom he lost his virginity, and Lacey and Patrick try to keep up appearances when Lacey’s parents pay a surprise visit.

Charlie Does It for Science: A problem arises when Charlie sleeps with a reporter who is writing an article about the sex study, while Lacey tries to take advantage of Nolan’s lingerie store employee discount.

Charlie and Lacey Shack Up: Lacey is sentenced to house arrest at Charlie’s house, and Sean tries to help Michael pick up women.

Charlie and the Christmas Hooker: Charlie’s Christmas plans are put on hold when Ed steals a baby Jesus from a Nativity display, and Sean hits on Jordan on Christmas Eve.

Charlie and the Pajama Intervention: A drunken binge gets Charlie in jail and an appearance before the Ethics Committee, and his therapy group searches for a new therapist to replace him.

Charlie Sets Jordan Up with a Serial Killer: Charlie convinces Jordan to pose as the fiancée of a member of his prison group, and Lacey and Patrick gamble away part of Lacey’s parents’ money.

Charlie and the Twins: Charlie sleeps with Jordan’s twin sister.

Charlie and Sean Fight Over a Girl: Charlie and Sean fight over one of Patrick’s friends, and Patrick agrees to sing a song with Jordan at one of her A.A. meetings.

Charlie and the Last Temptation of Eugenio: Charlie tries to use Jennifer to play a trick an old friend who has become a priest, and another man could ruin Lacey and Patrick’s sham wedding plans.

Charlie and the Hot Latina: Charlie begins dating an El Salvadoran woman whose family wants Martin and Ed evicted from their apartment, and Sean offers to help Jordan with her research.

Charlie and His Probation Officer’s Daughter: Charlie’s license could be in jeopardy when he sleeps with the wrong secretary, and Nolan helps Lacey get rid of a mouse.

Charlie Gets Date Rated: Charlie becomes interested in a woman who won’t date him until he has an online date rating, and Ed helps Nolan ride a bike so that he can date Nolan’s mom.

Charlie and Jordan Go to Prison: Charlie splits up with Jordan when she blows a chance to get their research published, and Lacey unknowingly moves into an apartment next door to Nolan.

Charlie and the Re-Virginized Hooker: Jordan has a plan to keep Charlie and Sasha from constantly sleeping with each other, and the guys in the support group give Lacey’s apartment a makeover.

Charlie Catches Jordan in the Act: Jordan’s actions with one of her subjects puts Charlie’s prison study in jeopardy, and Sean helps Patrick make an audition video for a designer reality show.

Charlie Spends the Night with Lacey: How far will Charlie go to keep Lacey from ruining her ex’s wedding? Meanwhile, Jordan makes a big mistake while taking care of Sean while he is sick.

Charlie Screws a Prisoner’s Girlfriend: Charlie sleeps with the girlfriend of a violent prisoner in his clinic, only to find out that the prisoner is being released the next day.

Charlie Cops a Feel: When Charlie breaks it off with a police officer he’s been dating, she abuses her power to make his life miserable. Meanwhile, Jordan struggles to establish a casual sex relationship with Sean.

Charlie, Lacey & the Dangerous Plumber: Charlie reluctantly hires an ex-con from his study as his plumber, who immediately takes an interest in Lacey. Meanwhile, Patrick looks for a way to avoid being the bad guy on his reality show.

Charlie and the Mother of All Sessions: Charlie surprises his group by bringing all of their dysfunctional parents to one of the sessions.

Charlie and Sean’s Twisted Sister: Sean tells Charlie not to have sex with his visiting sister, and Patrick and Lacey discover that they are dating the same man.

Charlie Has a Threesome: Problems arise after Charlie has a threesome with his girlfriend and one of her friends, and Lacey uses Jordan’s help to try and sell her eggs.

Charlie and the Lap Dance of Doom: After Charlie’s big mouth gets Sean fired from his job at the strip club, he tries to get his job back without Sean knowing he got him fired.

Charlie Tests His Will Power: Charlie plans to get some publicity for helping a man being released from prison 50 years after being wrongly convicted, and Jordan and Sean are worried about their arrangement getting more serious.

Charlie and the Psychic Therapist: Charlie and Jordan pose as an unhappy married couple to catch a therapist who scammed Ed, and Nolan discovers that the African child he sponsored is all grown up and more successful than him.

Charlie Gets Between Sean and Jordan: Charlie asks Sean to date a woman to help him and Jordan get a keynote speaker gig, which upsets Jordan when she finds out. Meanwhile, Lacey pretends to be in a coma in her latest scam to make money.

Charlie Does Time with the Hot Warden: The sexy new warden wants to cut Charlie and Jordan’s prison therapy group, so Charlie tries to change her mind. Meanwhile, Nolan’s new limo driver job puts him in an awkward situation with Lacey.

Charlie & the Warden’s Dirty Secret: Charlie inadvertently helps a member of his prison group in an escape attempt.

Charlie and the Temper of Doom: Charlie’s temper gets him suspended from his practice, and Jordan and Sean take advantage of the situation to play some pranks on him.

Charlie Gets Trashed: Charlie looks for revenge after fighting with the garbage man, and Nolan and Lacey compete for the same job.

Charlie and the Case of the Curious Hottie: Charlie and Sean discover that a private investigator is following them, and Nolan and Lacey move into Nolan’s work limo.

Charlie Pledges a Sorority Sister: Jordan tricks Charlie into sleeping with her sorority sister, and Patrick sees an opportunity when Lacey begins dating a record producer.

Charlie Plays Hide and Go Cheat: Charlie begins dating a private investigator, who challenges him to try and cheat on her without her realizing. Meanwhile, Lacey works as a nude model for Patrick’s art class, causing Nolan to take a sudden interest in art.

Charlie and the Revenge of the Hot Nerd: Charlie begins dating his computer nerd ex girlfriend again, who then hacks into his computer and takes over his life. Meanwhile, Lacey launches a plan with Patrick to trick her rival into having sex with Ed.

Charlie and the Curse of the Flying Fist: Charlie helps Nolan confront his bullies but creates a monster, and Sean and Jordan try to use role-playing to spice up their love life.

Charlie and the Houseful of Hookers: Charlie lets his girlfriend turn his house temporarily into a halfway house for hookers, and Jennifer starts a new business selling used tea kettles online.

Charlie Gets Patrick High: Charlie tries to help Patrick through a crisis of confidence by getting him stoned, and Ed and Lacey try to join forces to find a way to get revenge on Sean.

Charlie and Lacey Go for Broke: When Charlie tricks Lacey into believing her father is broke, she gets engaged to an obnoxious billionaire. Meanwhile Nolan makes a business arrangement with Sean’s strip club.

Charlie & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Thanksgiving: Charlie tries to surprise Ed by inviting his wife to Thanksgiving dinner, but Ed shows up with his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Jordan causes a scene at dinner because she suspects that Sean is cheating on her.

Charlie Rolls the Dice in Vegas: After a night of partying in Vegas, Charlie discovers that he got married to Sasha. Meanwhile, Lacey doesn’t understand why Nolan won’t have sex with her now that they’re together.

Charlie & the Return of the Danger Girl: Charlie needs to learn how to skydive to satisfy his thrill-seeking girlfriend, and Lacey and Patrick go into business together designing women’s shoes.

Charlie Gets in Bed with Jordan’s Ex: Charlie wants to make a business deal with Jordan’s ex-husband, but he knows Jordan won’t go along if she knows the identity of the business partner. Meanwhile, Lacey gets jealous when Nolan tries to save a family of birds.

Charlie’s Living the Dream: Charlie tries to get out of a wild dream so that he isn’t late to officiate Ed and his wife’s renewal of their wedding vows. Meanwhile at the prison, Wayne convinces Jordan that Cleo and Ernesto are conspiring against her.

Charlie Meets His Match: A matchmaker sets up Charlie and Sean for a double date, but they each wind up with the wrong woman. Meanwhile, Jordan gets the lead in the prison production of “Romeo and Juliet.”

Charlie and the Epic Relationship Fail: Charlie tries to encourage Nolan to take charge to take charge of his life to improve his relationship with Lacey, but gets him fired from his job. Meanwhile, Ed and his friends con Sean out of his money in a card game.

Charlie Gets Tied Up with a Catholic Girl: Martin tells Charlie to stay away from his new girlfriend’s sexy daughter, and Lacey pretends to be pregnant to get her grandmother’s inheritance.

Charlie and the Sexy Swing Vote: Charlie wants to fire his new associate because she always sides with Jordan, and Nolan gives up smoking pot to impress Lacey’s parents.

Charlie & the 100th Episode: Charlie has to make a decision between keeping his group and being a sports psychologist for a baseball team.

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