Trailer: “The Last of Us: Episode Nine” (2023)

Trailer: “The Last of Us: Episode Nine” (2023)

HBO has premiered the trailer for the season finale of “The Last of Us” which airs next Sunday, March 12th at 9pm US-ET. The ninth and final episode adapts the entire Salt Lake City-set ‘Spring’ portion of the game and sees the return of Merle Dandridge as Marlene.

Though spread over three levels, it’s actually the shortest section of the game with the third of those levels being a short cutscene and the first being mostly a tunnel action sequence likely to be excised completely.

What remains in the series are crucial in regards to what will be the second season’s narrative. Whereas the just-aired eighth chapter adapted the ‘Winter’ section of the game which is its darkest chapter, the ‘Spring’ section is morally ambiguous and was a little controversial at the time.


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