DVD review: “Darrow & Darrow – Collection One” (2017-present)

“Darrow & Darrow – Collection One” (1996)


Three Full Length Movies

Created by: Phoef Sutton

Directed by: Peter Deluise and Mel Damski

Featuring: Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Tom Cavanagh, Wendie Malick and Lilah Fitzgerald

Released recently on DVD is the Lifetime Channels TV movie series “Darrow & Darrow” (2017-present) a mystery show created by Phoef Sutton whose influences can be seen within the show, pick any PG rated detective show and there we are. This is a show that has two main strengths, firstly the structure of the stories as well as the mystery elements which come together very well, then there is the cast led by Kimberly Williams-Paisley and ably supported by Tom Cavanagh who over the past five years has shown how important he is to any show, no matter the genre.

This is show that might not be as thoughtful, deep or pathos driven as say the “Jesse Stone” series but that is its strength which means it has a light heart as well as a feeling that it has been designed for families surely something Lifetime aims to embrace, so on that level alone it is a might success.

I actually recommend this DVD set as great family viewing as well as a great way to train younger viewers as to the way stories are constructed within the mass media.

Movie Synopsis

Darrow and Darrow: Claire Darrow is a single mom and a lawyer, who always wants to do right. When a close friend is convicted of stealing from an expensive jewelry store, it’s up to Claire to bring justice.

Darrow & Darrow: In the Key of Murder: Miles seeks Claire’s help when his sister, aspiring singer Phoebe (MacKenzie Porter) is arrested for the murder of her controlling, unpopular manager Terry. A damning phone call he made to his wife proves Phoebe may have been the last person to see him before shots were fired and he turned up dead. Claire and Miles look into the matter as even Phoebe’s colleagues sound recorder Jonah (Geoff Gustafson) and back-up singer Norah (Leah Cairns) believe that Phoebe may have cracked under Terry’s controlling behaviour.

Darrow & Darrow: Body of Evidence: Claire takes the case of Laura Graham (Jordana Largy) who is arrested and the convicted for her husband Tom Graham’s alleged murder after she herself reported him missing. It has been a year since the incident but her husband’s body remains missing and when the case is brought to Claire, she begins suspecting if he died at all. Claire now seeks to overturn the murder conviction and is assisted by the Laura’s former lawyer Guy Hanson (Matthew Harrison) who suggests there may be no leads to follow. As Claire works to develop the defense’s case, Miles goes through a period of questioning his career as the ADA, working for the prosecution. Meanwhile, Claire tries to downplay her growing personal relationship with Miles and Joanna strikes an unlikely friendship with Lou’s baseball coach, Coach Reed (Paul McGillion).

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