DVD review: “Detectorists – Season Three” (2017)

“Detectorists – Season Three” (2017)

Television Comedy

6 Episodes

Created by: Mackenzie Crook

Featuring: Mackenzie Crook, Toby Jones, Lucy Benjamin, Rachel Stirling, Simon Farnaby and Diana Rigg

Released this week is the third and final season of the excellent comedy television series “Detectorists” (2014-2017) which sees the entire cast return for what must be the funniest as well as the season with the most plot yet as well as the reliance of more of the entire cast and not just the twi leads in Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones, who still both shine in what has to be the most underrated comedy on television in recent years.

The series is set in the fictional small town of Danebury in northern Essex and the plot revolves around the lives, loves and detecting ambitions of Andy and Lance, members of the Danebury Metal Detecting Club (DMDC).

It’s remarkable the seeming ease that the British Film and Television Industry is able to produce great independent drama, comedies and horror movies and television shows each and every year. Not only that, but the talent on show always seems to be original as well as first class. What many of these English productions have in common is that they are based around something unique or have some kind of gimmick, the “Detectorists” has both, it is a comedy set around a small village that is host to a somewhat thriving amateur Detectorists club (two in fact) who come together with different issues (mostly personal), ending up in very normal but funny situations that revolve around the attempt to find treasure both for historical as well as monetary reasons. However with most English show of this ilk they normally follow very familiar A and B narratives where the main character is going through some life changing event, or has been through one. Then there is a larger overarching narrative for the main cast that propels the plot and is broad in that it appeals to a larger general audience, i.e. it is normally pretty non offensive.

There are two great reasons to see this movie, the first is the cast, which is spectacular, it is stacked with great character actors, you can see why they are all present, that is the original writing that gives them all the room to create some original performances, especially Toby Jones and Simon Farnaby. The other reason to watch not just this season but the entire series is the writing which is tight but offers a glimpse into something that most people would not know about, coupled with the unique way of looking at this and the humour, this becomes a perfect mix of plot, narrative and performance that means this a must watch series.

The star of the series is without a doubt Mackenzie Crook who stars as well as writes each episode, deserving all the credit as each episode is not only superbly paced but his own performance always seems to be spot on as he navigates his life dealing with issues at home as well as on the field where he would love to spend his entire life. Through the first two seasons he feels a pull towards making adult decisions even as he loses his job, his partner falls pregnant and he feels his private time being encroached on by not only competition but land development. The co-lead is the wonderful Toby Jones who we find to br the perfect foil to Crook, as the seasons roll by Jones becomes a focal point as his personal life which he thinks he has under strict control but he is wrong in many ways as we find out, all this comes to a head for both men in the third season.

“Detectorists” is about so much, the village lifestyle, niche hobbies, history as well as the encroaching urban lifestyles on what are rural locales, something many people can identify with, here these are all laid out for all to see, as well as laugh along to, if you haven’t seen this series you should seek it out immediately.


  1. Lance’s flat is not his own any more and Andy is staying with the mother-in-law. But they have their old faithful permission to escape to. A solar farm threatens the tranquillity.
  2. Just as they are losing their farm, Lance and Andy start making good discoveries. But old enemies are around. Home lives are chaotic as usual and Lance is persuaded to try hypnotherapy for an awkward affliction, with mixed results.
  3. With time running out, Andy and Lance go to great (action-packed) lengths to protect their land. Away from the fields, life is no less stressful as Andy quits his job and Lance finds an unwelcome guest in the spare room. An audacious theft leaves Lance reeling.
  4. Lance is obsessed with finding the thief that stole his gold, which means he can ignore the melodrama going on at home. Andy’s lies are catching up with him too. They decide that camping out is the safest option.
  5. Andy and Lance become eco-warriors when they find their beloved oak tree is due to be felled. But a 24-hour helpline turns out to be more of a hindrance. Andy stumbles upon treasure when, for once, he wasn’t even looking.
  6. With only days left before they lose the field, Andy and Lance decides to make a final push to find the golden hoard. They recruit the help of the entire DMDC, and gain some new allies as well. Andy and Becky attend an auction to bid on their dream home.

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