Trailer: “A Million Little Pieces”

Trailer: “A Million Little Pieces”

Former MCU and “Kick Ass” actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson both penned the script and stars in the film which his helmed by his wife Sam Taylor-Johnson (“Fifty Shades of Grey”).

Johnson play Frey who meets interesting people in a clinic, with whom he forms relationships and who play an important role in his life both during and after his time there – including a mafia boss and a female drug addict with whom he falls in love. James ultimately recovers and never relapses.

Billy Bob Thornton, Odessa Young, Charlie Hunnam, Giovanni Ribisi, Juliette Lewis, Ryan Hurst, Charles Parnell, Andy Buckley and Eugene Byrd co-star.

“A Million Little Pieces” which opens in cinemas on December 6th.

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