Streaming Review: “American Gods” (2017 – ) Episode Two: “The Secret of the Spoons”

“American Gods” (2017)



8 Episodes

Produced by: Bryan Fuller and Michael Green

Featuring: Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning, Crispin Glover, Bruce Langley, Yetide Badaki, Pablo Schreiber and Ian McShane

The series focuses on Shadow Moon, a man serving three years in prison. With only days remaining in his sentence, Shadow is given an unexpected early release after his beloved wife Laura is killed. Shadow finds himself next to a man named Wednesday, who offers Shadow a job. Wednesday appears to be nothing but a con artist who needs Shadow as a bodyguard. The rest of the story will become clear as this series unfolds but it is knee deep in mythology old and new with many faces as well as names that will be familiar to many.

Episode Two: “The Secret of the Spoons”

Cinematographer: Jo Willems

Directed by: David Slade

“There’s none so blind as those who do not listen.”

This episode picks up after Shadow’s run in with Technical Kid where Mr. Wednesday orders them to Chicago to collect “his hammer” – which actually turns out to be the bloodthirsty god of darkness Czernobog (Peter Stomare).

Shadow once again hallucinates, this time about his late wife Laura (Emily Browning), who tells him that she’s not really dead. Knowing that she is, Shadow soon comes to the understanding that he is losing his mind – particularly with an encounter with another God – Media.

We also see Bilquist have another encounter and another sex scene where she encounters another forced devotee.

Interestingly as a prologue to the show as we have a seemingly random ”Coming to America” tale; this time depicting several black men chained together below the deck of a ship.

Comparing this prologue to the previous episodes, it seems like each one will show just how big of a part several Old Gods played in US history. So, despite them appearing to have no real semblance with the show at first glance, they’re worth paying attention too if you want to get to grips with each of the deities.

As with the previous episode this one may seem random as well as quite existential, particularly to people who have not read the book. But with Gaiman’s assistance as well as Bryan Fullers talent I think we will all have a grip on things as we move through this first season. Look I will be honest and say that this may seem random to some but the story within the book was so expertly plotted (coming from Gaiman’s comic book days) that I am willing to go with this series until it seems the producers may have lost the plot.

As I said in my episode one review this episode looks and sounds amazing with a visual signature that follows on quite nicely. We see with these new type of shows that it helps if the director and cinematographer work in unison and understand what they are trying to put up on the screen – as with Fullers “Hannibal” this show looks fantastic – I cannot wait for more.

Episode two is now available on Amazon Streaming.

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