DVD Review: “The Fixer” (2015)

“The Fixer” (2015)


Running Time: 120 minutes

Created by: Peter Howitt

Featuring: Kathleen Robertson, Eric Dane

“The Fixer” DVD released this month is actually a cut down version of a four hour mini series broadcast on Fox in 2015. I have watched both and this two-hour version is definitely the one to watch as is has more pace and does not linger on non important plot points – I recommend this over the mini series as it a much better watch and more satisfying as well.

This movie revolves around the after effects of a devastating accident involving a freighter and an oil rig, NAIA Investigator Ellie Molaro (Kathleen Robertson) is approached by an enigmatic man named Carter (Eric Dane), who claims the event was planned, and part of a massive country wide conspiracy.

This is a conspiracy thriller that is vague enough to ring true but really fails to deliver any promise of a good story with a film made on what is a pretty small budget.

The acting is ho hum with what seems like two actors in two different films. Kathleen Robertson as Ellie takes things quite seriously and offers a character with depth and heart. On the other hand Eric Dane’s Carter is all surface and all through the film there is nothing to hang on to, in fact all Dane does is yell a lot and offer no reason as to why he is doing anything in the film – it is quite a mystery – in fact if you figure out his story at please contact me.

All in all worth a watch if there is nothing else going on otherwise skip it.

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