TV Review: Cuffs – Season 1 – Out Now

Cuffs Series 1

BBC – 456 minutes – 8 Episodes

Featuring: Ashely Walters, Jacob Ifan, Amanda Abbington, Peter Sullivan, Shaun Dooley, Paul Ready, Alex Carter and Eleanor Matsuura

It is refreshing to watch an episodic TV show that at times does not take itself too seriously. After the effect that the Scandinavian police/political television series have had it is not surprising that the BBC would commission a program like this. One that takes a semi-fictional small middle class town and brings to the forefront stories that probably do exit and combine these with the personal lives of its (somewhat) believable cast of characters.

The show is mostly seen through the eyes of rookie, PC Jake Vickers (Jacob Ifan), who also happens to be the son of Chief Superintendent Robert Vickers (Peter Sullivan), whose wife is struggling with lung cancer. This is the main personal story and most others branch off from it including storylines such as infidelity, prejudice, and racism, dating problems, pregnancy issues and all that good stuff.

The highlight of a very well established cast is Amanda Abbington as DS Jo Moffat, a bit of a loner hiding a secret. Abbington taking a break from her roles in Sherlock and Mr. Selfridge to play a complex character that is pivotal within the show and really shows that she is a step above most of the cast.

In eight episodes we live with the characters on a daily basis watching them interact with each other and the public, making mistakes, which are sometimes humorous, sometimes not.

In the age of binge watching this show is made for it. It is eight episodes of well-crafted BBC storytelling and will not leave you emotionally wanting at the conclusion, or leave you pondering life’s greatest mysteries and the existence of life. Instead I believe you will be left with a smile and knowingly have been let into eight peoples lives as they carry on with their own passions.

DVD out now.

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