The Box (2009)

Directed by Richard Kelly

Featuring Cameron Diaz, James Marsden

With the upcoming release of Jeff Nicholls “Midnight Special” and the director could be considered the Richard Kelly of his day I thought it may be a good time to revisit Kelly’s “The Box” from 2009.

After the success of “Donnie Darko” (2001) and the misfire of “Southland Tales” (2006) he adapted and directed “The Box” (2009) a sci-fi, conspiracy thriller set in the 1970s in and around NASA involving the NSA, a scientist and his wife and maybe aliens.

This film is paced in a way that builds up the tension between all the characters and is based around the premise of what would you do to make your life better, and would you do this at the expense of someone else’s life.

The film is about decisions and there consequences on others, except in life you don’t know those results, in this film you do…

I am not going to go into the plot but if you have time and patience this film is worth watching just to see a film and a director making a truly memorable genre film.


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